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I have been trying to sell to raise money for a people and other children like my daughter who is relying on oxygen to breath. My daugther was in hospital for a year after birth as she could not breath on her own, she was sent for a number of tests at 3 hospitals in the end she was diagnosed with 3 holes in her heart and a few other minor problems. She is now home but still relying on oxygen to breath, I decided to help the hospitals that helped her by donating all my items new and used to sell on ebay not promoting the cause as I did not want people to feel sorry for my daughter as I thought this would be wrong to do so. At first it was ok and I have managed to save quite abit to the charitys but since one dishonest ebayer and their friends have been buying from me and marking down my ratings then leaving me unfair negative feedback. I say unfair as they are stating that I am a discusting mother to allow my child to play with toys which they have brought which stink of fags (as they put it). Which is totally untrue as no-one in my home smokes and no-one is allowed to go anywhere near my child for an hour and a half after smoking as advised my a big hospital, as this could be very harmful to my child. I was just asked if they bid on an item would I be sending it smelling of smoke and dishonest like they think I am, so as I have lost money for these charities I advised the ebayer please do not bid on my item if you do I will retract your bid and then I blocked this buyer, I then got a pathetic email back saying I was rude and that they was reporting me and they was sad my daughter was ill and that she had a rude and disgusting mother like me. So this is why I advise people not to bother trying to raise money on ebay for charity because all you find is lots of lying cheating dishonest ebayer, Yes most are very nice people and can be trusted with life even but you always come across one who trys their hardest for some sick reason to stop people who need help getting the help they need. I am very angry as I have given refunds to most of these people in promise they return the items, but no dont trust anyone whos says they will return after they are refunded as they will def not as I have fount out from my own experience they are prepared to stop a charity from recieving money and also keeping the item too. There are alot of thieves about espcially on ebay mainly new ebayers with less than 200* rating feedback I have sold on ebay before under another account name and was wondering if to just open another account but selling on here is stupid as now you can not even warn other ebayer of dishonest buyers as you can not leave neg feedback, so these people are allowed to keep getting away with it. I have brought from ebay too and I have any had one bad exprience on my old account of a dishonest seller. Many are lovely people and its the dishonest buyers that make ebay a rubbish place to sell as they all know now they can get away with getting something for nothing. I have a few more things listed, untill these listing have ended and all items are sent out I will be closing this account, as this is a useless why to give to charity if I keep getting robbed and spoken to the way I have been. My eldest daughter who's 4 has told me not to worry as she wants to read to make money for the charity which helped her sister instead, I have a fundraising pack from one of the hospitals which My daughter is doing a sponsered read for instead. How many books she can read in one month. She has just learnt to read and I just hope my friends and family are prepared for what they will have to pay out as she normally reads around 4-5 books a week. So if your thinking of raising money for a charity dont bother trying on ebay start up your own fundraising just ring the people in question and they will be more than happy to send you a pack.

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