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The PVC Smurf figures were first produced in the mid sixty's based on the comic strip Smurfs created by Peyo in the 50's and many people are surprised to learn that they are still in production today.  Often collectors are rediscovering Smurfs having collected them as children and with hundreds of different types available this is a really fascinating and truly worldwide hobby.  Below we will try and explain a snapshot of the different items available;

The little blue characters depict many activities covering numerous trades, sports and occasions and this is a large part of the appeal of the Smurfs.  From Golfers and Footballers to Plumbers, Teachers and Dentists or Halloween, Easter and Christmas Smurfs, most people will find some connection to the Smurfs.

Many types of Smurfs are available to collect starting with the Standard Smurf PVC figures.  These are a little over 2 inches high and many hundreds are available, current numbers run from 20001 to 20708.  The next type of Smurf is the Super Smurf, these come with an accessory that makes them a Super Smurf, this might be a Photographer with a freestanding camera or a Smurf on a Scooter.  Again many types are available and they are still in production, numbers run from 40201 to 40512.

After the Super Smurfs come the Smurf Play sets and again many are available to collect although most are vintage items as only two are currently in production by Schleich.  You can also find a range of Smurf houses and building from Mushroom houses (Small and Large) to Castles and Windmills and many others besides.

After this comes what are called Promo Smurfs, many companies have used the Smurf character over the years to promote themselves.  Most notable are BP, the National Garage Smurfs, Mc Donalds and most recently BASF, these all come under Promo Smurfs and again many are available.  Finally comes 'everything else' and I do mean everything.  You will find hundreds of Smurf related items to collect like key rings, mugs, glasses, clothing hats, bags etc, etc.

I hope that you find this guide useful and if you have further questions or would like to see many of the items available please visit our eBay shop THE TOYS-N-HOBBY eBay SMURF SHOP, CLICK HERE TO GO! or drop us a line via eBay messages, user ID toys-n-hobby

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