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have you ever seen a ebay listing with loads of pictures, slideshows, videos, even music? haven't you ever wondered if having a listing created like this would stear more attention and therefor more bids to your item?

well i'm certain it does. if you have two objects exactly the same on ebay, one of the listings was the dull ebay basic listing tool creation, and the other was a flashy, great looking, colourful and attractive; you would bid on the second one first.

but to be able to make a snazy page you need to know html. html is a certain code which most webpages are created in. the problem is, only web designers etc have the ability to do this kind of design.

so i have come up with an idea. i am going to sell (on ebay), 'ebay listing designs'. so that when i someone buys one, send me their pictures videos' ans descriptions, i will send them a html code that they will just copy and paste strait into the ebay listing facility. couldn't be any simpler!

so if people out there want to sell their car or something and want to get a good price for it; draw buyers towards you by buying a cheap one off fee ebay listing design from me.

well, i hope to hear from you soon.


All the best


David Kirkpatrick

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