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Vintage or recent Vintage [10yrs old+] Diving Watches

I have been a collector of classic watches since I was given my grandfathers 1968 Rolex 20yrs ago.
I collect and rarely sell, unless I find a better watch of the same type.
As some help to buyers of diver watches [learn what 10ATM = against 50 or 100ATM is]........what you will find is that most main dealers BIG ones, Selfridges etc will give your new [old] watch a Pressure Test for free. If it passes it towards the higher end of their margins you can use it for what it is intended.
If not prepare for a eye watering estimate for a service.
But if you have no idea of diving then nothing to worry about. If yours gets an all clear on its presure test its a bonus and you can snorkel and dive to their PADI limits.
I can add beware of watches that come with no papers, box sevice history etc.
If you are collecting as per eBay, ask the seller if you can go together to the nearest Pawn Shop, as they can often spot a fake faster that a main dealer. However if the seller point blank refuses this, even if the nearest Pawn Shop is only a couple of miles wary, Caveat Emptor
Personally I was VERY wary of a Ulleses Nardin, as it had none of the above. Seller just smiled and said  'No problem' which I was not expecting, and we talked on the way to what I can only describe as the oldest, with all sorts of parts to (now) rare watches, Victorian shop,  gold on glass get the picture.
He invited us to his workshop, where he had pure Steam Punk machinery. He removed the bracelet then the back. Examined everything with an at least 100yr old fisheye magnifing glass, spent the longest 5 minutes, looking at bracelet too. And finally said "I won't ask what you have or may pay for this, but it is in an exceptional state, rarely worn, and if you don't purchase it I'd ask the owner, with a nod to him, to come back to see me"....
I gave him a £10 note for his time, his standard fee, and completed the deal with none of my usual grinding down to get a better price.
The rarer and more expensive the original the more likely they are to be faked. This was a limited edition from 72/73 and  I'd been ofered two in the past, and there were two known things to spot a fake, but inside, it costs too much to copy every piece and 34 jewels.
The seller said it was an inheritance and that's how it came, few people understand that something so small "Its just a watch innit, gold, be good if we could get a grand for it" not knowing they have a near £30K watch in their hand or in this case around £70K.
That's the best advice I can give for all watches, but especially for waterproof/diver watches.
I could write more, but you can learn the hard way if you are a real addict, sorry, collector!
Lt Cdr RN Combined Ops J deB**********

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