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I have received my first fake e-mails. They were regarding an item that I didn't even sell. They were claiming they were from PayPal and that I needed to post the item, to a country that I don't even sell to, and then give them the shipping number (or something). It also said that the payment had been made but would not become visable in my PayPal account until the shipping number was given and verified. I thought this was a bit odd, and then I received an e-mail from the supposed winner of the item saying post the item to this address, and then give him the shipping number, etc.

Even though I new this looked like a con at first, I found out some key things that make the conners stand out from the real deal.

The e-mail address was for a recipt from PayPal, and the normal PayPal recipt e-mail address is service@paypal.com (DO NOT SEND AND E-MAIL TO THIS) and the conners was "service @paypal.com". Notice the little space between service and the @ sign on the conners e-mail address.

Also look out for the font and size of text in the conners e-mail to the normal e-mail.

NEVER: click on any links in the e-mail, tell them, or fill in any personal/eBay/PayPal details.

ALWAYS: report them to eBay by forwarding them to spoof@ebay.co.uk. Visit the Spoof eBay site at the Spoof Web Page


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