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Thank you for writing to eBay. My name is <type name here> and I am 
sorry to hear that <generic problem>. I am pleased to be able to cut and 
paste a response to <generic problem>.

I can understand how this response might be frustrating. eBay does not
allow me to type an original email without their permission.

We will look into the <generic problem> you reported and take the
appropriate inaction. However we would like to encourage you to solve
<generic problem> yourself in addition to emailing us.

We have found that many people are unaware that copy and paste 
responses are eBay policy. Many eBay users will give up when
contacted using the material.

If you would like to review our guidelines concerning this issue, please

<http:// link>

We hope this information will help you. As always, my goal is to help
you with your questions as quickly and blandly as possible. I
appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this matter and
wish you continued success on eBay.

Kind regards,

<type name here>
eBay Customer Support

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