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These products are sold through a network of CHANEL Boutiques and very select high end retailers. They do not allow their items to be sold on websites, discount stores, wholesalers and you cannot purchase Chanel items on the website. Do you really think any high end designer makes quality merchandise for sale in their boutiques at top $$$$ and also sells to websites at a fraction of the prices, NO WAY, they don't need too and would ever do so.


CHANEL stricly prohibits anyone infringing on the integrity of their famous trademark and FULLY prosecutes anyone who does so! They have a legal department dedicated to removing counterfeit items listed on ebay and other websites to protect innocent buyers who think they are getting that deal of a lifetime. If the bag is selling for cheap, or way below retail, it is most likely a fake, even a used CHANEL will hold its value and will sell for close to retail as when new.


CHANEL uses high quality calfskin on their bags NOT LAMBSKIN. They do use many other leathers and fabrics but the Cambon line is entirely made of calfskin. Cambon bags are made in Italy, not France although CHANEL DOES manufacture items in France. The new "COCO CABAS" line was also made in Italy, not France and I have verified this over and over with CHANEL. They do not sell 2nds to outside sources and any bag that is not PERFECT is shredded and destroyed to prevent anyone including employees of CHANEL to resell them. They also do not allow websites to offer their bags for sale, such as or . I have looked at the bags on these websites and even called their customer support, they claim they scour the world looking for overstock on these bags and santch them up and offer them for 1/4th the cost, simply not true. When did you ever hear that Chanel was "Overstocked" on bags. There are alot of them out there, claiming they buy in bulk and can sell these bags for way below retail, simply not true. CHANEL controls where their products are sold and sets the retail price. You can buy in bulk, almost MIRROR image high end designer bags from Asia for very little money and then re-sell them for thousands, I have the catalogues and sellers names who are doing this. pictures can be deceiving or even stolen, you do not always get what you see. They claim they are real, when they are not.


Right now, the most commonly used counterfeit serial numbers on CHANEL bags are :7244764, 8947749, 9316391, 9395451, 9395455, 9675223, 9777617, 10218184, 10501946, 11062948 and 10803549. Even counterfeits come with a serial number card and matching # inside the bag. The card should be black and gold, not laminated in plastic and the hologram inside the bag will pull apart if removed, thus ruining the tag. Please avoid purchasing a bag with one of these serial #'s. They are counterfeits. The tags, and authenticity cards provided with each bag is made to the same specifications today as they were 25 years ago, they are not changed yearly as some sellers will tell you. They do not make several different styles of authenticity cards. BLACK with GOLD trim and lettering.


CHANEL and other high end designers DO NOT authenticate items for buyers in writing, they will offer a verbal to you but beware of those sellers offering refunds if you have a letter from a boutique manager stating the bag is not authentic, CHANEL NEVER offers written proof.


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