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You may have read previous reveiws on here of fake trainers and this is written as a helpful addition to said reveiws. My experience of working as a manager of a footlocker for four and a half years is what has helped me to spot fakes. Firstly though,the one thing that can help you spot fakes is the price! If its too good to be true then then they are fake! Not to put anyone of or anything but 95% of what is sold on ebay is fake. That is isnt to say "do not trust ebay",they are a multi national company but can not possibly monitor every sale on its site, but in my case i have brought in the region of 10-15 pairs from ebay most of them fake. Though there are good fakes out there,iv got a fake pair of tns that i brought for DIY jobs round the house,walking the dogs ect, that are still in good shape and tread after a yr! In fact they get worn everyday and if i cleaned them up theyd look a couple of months old!! But then you get your blatant fakes! Your £25 ones.Firstly if your buying 90's the first thing you should look for is the metal tag that goes on the row of lace holes nearest the toe.It has m-90 stamped on it and will normally be a corresponding colour to whatever the trainers are, if its fake you wont have one,dont know why but the forgers just havnt seemed to got round to putting on this quite vital piece! The other thing to look out for and this goes for most of the airmax range is the rubber sole around the clear air bubble its self. It should be cut flush to the bubble, no over hanging bits or unsightly and uneven cuts. I have just read an article about being able to bend the sole of fakes but not genuine ones,this is rubbish because i have a fake pair here waiting to go back to the seller and in a comparison with a genuine pair i was able to bend both pairs the same distance. What i will say though is that the colour scheme on the soles normally differs from the real thing. Iv found pairs where the paint scheme actually differs from the left to right trainer!! Also on all air max is the tongue, a real pair will be made of a quality, quite heavy material that just seems to the touch that is not cheap on the fakes the tongue is almost like a shell suit type material wrapped round a bit of sponge.The air bubble is also a good tell tale sign of forgeries, real pairs (and this goes for all air max as they all have a bubble) are firm when pushed.Fakes are not,they're designed to look the same as a genuine air bubble but giv e it a little push and if its loose then its fake. The best advice to give really though is to check in your local sports store the quality of the trainers you intend to buy that way you will know when they turn up another is to check on the nike website because some of these trainers are not even in existence or ask the seller to send you a live pic of the item-ie one he has taken not one he's found somewhere else. Remember if the trainers in the add photo are genuine tn's stating " GENUINE NIKE AIR TN'S RRP £109.99,MY PRICES ARE A BARGAIN £30-39.99" then they are fakes. Nike airmax trainers,all of the range retail at those prices because they are a genuine article and unless they are worn, stolen or fakes your not going to pay any less. ALWAYS REPORT FAKE SELLERS.

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