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How do you spot a replica badge from a genuine butlins badge,Actualy its not that hard to do .Firstly the replica badges were not made to fool you, they were sold by Butlins as part of a relaunch of thier badges.

If you can turn the badge over you can tell by the pin , the picture with thge safty catch is the Replica, all replica badges have the safety pin, a lot also have the words REPLICA stamped on them....But on EBAY and other sites you cannot usually see the reverse. so how can you tell by looking at the front? One or more things can give the replica away . Firstly the colours ,normally a lot brighter on the replica, also a strange shine caused by the fact replica badges are not enamel but are coated in a resin finish                              The replica is on the right!!!  see some more,


Did you spot the replicas.?    see below for which real..,

     replica              real                              replica              real                              real               replica

as you can also see the quality is not the same on the replica badges if you get stuck you can always email the seller and ask them what type of pin is on the back..... So good luck and happy EBAYing 

                              Thanks for reading,  Matt.



thanks to .

www  bygonebutlins com

lots of good info can be found on butlins badges.





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