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I have been selling for a while and have come accross every scam - with Christmas coming its time to add some warning about the latest scams being operated , and to let the newbies know which type of buyers it is better to   avoid


POTENTIAL SCAM SIGN :1. The buyer will pay or offer to pay using paypal from  an unverified address : eg Item number: 290166894441 buyer  halala1985

POTENTIAL SCAM SIGN 2: The buyer  may also have a near 100% feedback - but  for a small number of items i.e with a score of less than 10  over a long period of time eg halala1985 with a score of 4 over 2 years for items that no seller can check , another eg is 0220yasuke with  a feedback of 1 over 1 year for an item that cannot be checked

just going on location is not good enough eg all scams do not originate in China ! the ones noted here are from Australia and Japan , and many will be from your own country which is why you must insist on a verified paypal address .

one of these signs is enough for you to consider the transaction a risk both signs are nearly always indication of impending fraud and you should block the buyer immediately and refund any unverified payment - your item will sell - to an honest buyer without risk .


A. NEVER SHIP TO AN UNVERIFIED ADDRESS , AND MAKE PAYMENT FROM A VERIFIED ADDRESS an obligation [ in your payment instructions] If the buyer is genuine they verify their address with paypal and your sale and their purchase is covered by seller/buyer protection - if they do not - they are either fraudulent or you would have shipped an item to an unverified address and ARE NOT COVERED BY SELLER PROTECTION [ which only covers USA , CANADA and UK RESIDENTS]

B. NEVER SHIP TO ANYONE IN CANADA USA OR THE UK WHO FAILS TO VERIFY THEIR ADDRESS ON THEIR PAYPAL ACCOUNT - it simply is not worth the risk and all honest buyers from these locations can do this in seconds from their paypal account.

C.  To sell Internationally i.e to unverified addresses : SETUP MoneyBookers as a payment option for EU and International buyers , any honest buyer will have to pass stringent security checks from MoneyBookers which will give you as a seller an option to sell to buyers who are in countries with addresses not yet verified by PAYPAL . The security and banking checks by Moneybookers are more stringent than PAYPAL - and many potential scammers will fall at this hurdle - eg halala1985 payment was failed by PAYPAL and then when he attempted to use Moneybookers his payment was also rejected - i.e 2 security checks failed him and prevented him from obtaining the item he was after .If your buyer is honest he will have no problem in setting up Moneybookers as a payment option and completing payment through it - if he does and has failed to a) verify his address on paypal  and then is not able to use Moneybookers - avoid that buyer like the plague , add him to your blocked bidder list and move on to your next sale

D : ALWAYS SHIP WITH RECORDED POST OR POST WITH TRACKING - and then only to a VERIFIED ADDRESS[checked by PAYPAL or MONEYBOOKERS] - thus your customer is happy tracking the parcel and you prevent the ITEM NOT RECEIVED scam from fraudulent buyers with unverified addresses

I have come accross 4 examples of these scams in the last 2 months - I believe this will increase with Christmas around the corner

 report all potential scams to ebay  

there you go  ...and Merry Christmas Sales

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