SSD Solid State Disk - The Future & Why you need it!

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What is SSD

SSD stands For Solid State Drive A brand new technology that uses Flash Memory instead of the traditional disk within Hard Disk Drives. These are a direct replacement and can be swapped into any laptop that has a HDD, or can be used in a 2.5inch enclosure to be used as an external drive. You can also get Express cards that can be used as additional storage and can be used with Vistas Readyboost to increase Memory.

Why SSD is the next best thing

  • Faster data read and write speeds
  • Greatly improved laptop battery time
  • Super fast boot up and close down speeds
  • Vibration proof, HDDs error when under vibration stress SSDs have no moving parts and will keep functioning.

Currently there are two main types of SSD drives, those that have MLC (Multi Layer Cell)  and SLC  (Single layer cell)

This is also common in all Flash memory based products such as USB drives and Memory cards.

SLC is the top of the range and is more expensive to produce but performs far quicker and is currently more reliable than MLC.

MLC is is allot faster than normal HDD and is allot cheaper to produce.

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SSD drives are available in the same formats as HDD which are: SATA and IDE. If you currently have a HDD SATA or IDE you can simply put the equivalent SSD drive straight into your PC Laptop or MAC.

SSD will eventually replace HDD as and when they become cheaper to produce currently in 2008 SSD drives are available in up to 128GB drives, but as with HDD the capacity doubles and the price falls, expect all laptops to be produced with SSD drives within a year or so.

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