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Ah, I thought so - plate 11.
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Ah, I thought so - plate 11.

If you are prepared to invest a bit of time trawling through the listings, it's often possible to identify items which are being undersold, ( in Buy-it-Now classifications),  or may be undersold, ( in open auctions).  If you can acquire such items, then there are good profits to be made.
Dealers, particularly some of the larger ones, are well aware of this and I have often identified items they have purchased, subsequently marked-up, (sometimes several times over), in their listings on-line or in their catalogues. There's nothing to stop you getting in on the action!
Clearly, if a Buy-It-Now item is being undersold, then it's a no-brainer - rub your hands and press that 'Buy' button!
It's somewhat different of course for items in open auction. The items to concentrate on are  those where the reserve is low or where the current highest bid is low. These are the items to bid on, but rember the GOLDEN RULE. Calculate the MAXIMUM price you are prepared to pay which will give you a good mark-up and STICK TO IT.  I can't stress this rule enough. Don't go back  and be tempted to increase you bid later on  because you have been outbid. All you will be doing is reducing your mark-up. If you are considering increasing your upper limit to get the item - DON'T  - the item simply isn't worth having! Forget it!  Stick to your original decision. If you can adopt this strict discipline it will eventually pay dividends. Don't be put off by a seemingly low strike rate either. In time you will get the stamps you want at the prices you are prepared to pay.
It's also worth remembering that some listings can end at the most 'inconvenient' times, such as late at night or in the early hours of the morning. I've bought some bargains here simply because everyone is either turning in or is already fast asleep. This may give you a clear run to grab a bargain! So oportunities here for the night hawks - and remember to look at the US listings at this time too.
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