STAR TREK - The First Generation?!

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        I Have Just Seen the latest Star Trek Film which will soon be out on DVD, it's getting alot of great reviews in all of the papers, they must all be on a Back-hander!!, 'cos it only gets a 5 out of 10 from me. this is suppose to be a prequel to all of the Star Trek episodes and films since 1966 when it was first aired, I used to rush home from school every wednesday to make sure I didn't miss any!, so I was looking forward to seeing this film and re-capture some of the original magic but Oh Dear, the Enterprise does not look like the original, either inside or out, the Bridge actually looks more modern than Picard's Next Generation Enterprise, and they have made no attempt to create similarity with the sounds effects, Photon Torpedos, Phazers etc., and there's no decent Background Music and so it goes on and on, even the plot has no interesting twists and turns to it which many of the 1960's episodes managed.

            It's hard to understand why they failed so badly with all the money they had to throw at it, so beware you old time trekkies!, it may not be for you - But I'm Sure the Kids will love it!


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