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Have you tried them yet? No need to go and get a real tattoo especially if you're really not sure what sort of design you would like or what it will look like when it's done! Best of all there is no pain or risk of blood cross infections or contamination's! These Tattoo pens are semi-permanent and wash off easily so you can tattoo yourself up for your big night out and wash them all off before work the next day. All mistakes can be corrected with the Stargazer Correction Pen (FREE with the set of 12 pens). All the Stargazer pens have an extremely fine nib of more accurate application and finer detail work they can be use to revive old faded tattoos or just to enhance new ones.

For best results allow areas to fully dry before applying other colours as you may end up with 'bleeding' between the colours - unless this is the look that you want as this is not easily achieved with conventional tattooing and allows for more detailed shading in your designs.

The Stargazer Corrector pen also has a fine nib to allow for correction or minute detail without ruining the whole look of your design. These corrector pens are also great for removing water-based cake/liquid eyeliner and other makeup. There is nothing more annoying than just as you are about to complete your look you make a mistake! For best results using this pen dab very lightly over area to be corrected and use the corner of a tissue to soak up any excess residue ensuring that the area is dry before you apply more make up etc. This pen also removes the Stargazer semi-permanent eye and lip liner pens too.

There is a variety of 12 colours in the Stargazer semi-permanent tattoo pen range and they can be purchased together or individually.

The only downside that I have found with these pens are if they are not allowed to dry thoroughly they will wash away easily and if you have dry sink areas they may stain. For best results use on skin that has been cleansed thoroughly and moisturised. Take a look a the doodle i did on my hand on the listing in my shop for these items. THESE PENS DO NOT PEARCE THE SKIN!

How To Use:

  • Cleanse & moisturise area to be drawn on and allow to thoroughly dry.
  • Start by drawing on your design using the fine nib of the black tattoo pen.
  • Add colour using the variety of tattoo pens available.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly between each colour application.
  • Allow entire design to dry fully.

Things To Avoid:

  • Contact with water especially after finishing.
  • Clothing rubbing the design.
  • Application of creams or lotions immediately after tattoo.
  • Swimming, bathing or showering until you are ready to remove the tattoo.

To Remove:

  • Use Stargazer Corrector Pen for instant removal.
  • Can use make up remover to remove coloured tattoo pen.
  • Apply warm soapy water and rub gently.
  • Easily removes whilst showering.

If you have anymore questions reguarding these products or any other items in my shop

Stargazer Semi-Permanent tattoo Pen Set x 12

Stargazer Semi-Permanent Tattoo & Make Up Remover Pen

Stargazer Semi-Permanent Tattoo Pen 01 Black

Happy Tattooing!

Kindest regards

Sarah :)

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