STARSTRUCKPOSTERS - Thinking of buying from them?

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Please be very careful if buying from STARSTRUCKPOSTERS - Their feedback is far worse than it may appear. I bought something from them on December 26th, paid straight away via paypal, and here we are, 4 weeks later and nothing. I have emailed and emailed them, no response. As a last resort, I have put in a claim with Paypal and left neg feedback, as per ebay guidelines. Now I have neg feedback from them,  and a nice little email from them saying they have left me neg feedback as revenge.

I have been contacted by several other ebay members who have never recieved anything from STARSTRUCKPOSTERS - one in particular who has been threatened with neg feedback if he does anything about the non-delivery of an item he has paid for ages ago....

Buy elsewhere - this is a seller to avoid!

Feb 23rd 2008 : UPDATE:: Two more buyers have have made contact, having been threatened with bad feedback if they do anything about none delivery of their items. But I note that Starstruck are now no longer registered users, so looks like Ebay has taken notice.


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