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Currently if you do a search you will find their are loads of these turbos for sale. They look very promising and very cheap. they are around £299 and you may get free delivery. However i can tell you that a real TD05H-20G cost around £500 for a second hand unit and new they cost close to the £1000 mark.

so you are asking yourself how can this be TD05-20G be new and so cheap. Well the answer i can give you from experience is this. Most of them are pretty useless. The reason for this is because, their seals tend to go around 200 - 700 mile mark. what happens is that turbo starts to blow out allot of oil. This will start to build up excessivly in the intercooler pipes. soon start to circulate in the vacum pipes in your engine. This will cause your engine to smoke allot and you should see allot of white smoke. if nothing is done then slowly all your engine oil will start to vanish and you will end up with engine failiure.

i brought one of these turbos. i decided to fit the turbo on my car and in less then 2 months my car had lost over 1 litre of oil. i took of my intercooler and found all the oil had built up in the intercooler core and pipes. i also found the oil had gone into many of the vacum pipes. I am part of subaru community on scoobynet. i can tell you that everyone who has had these turbos has had them fail over couple of hundred miles. I also contacted my garage and tuner in regards to the turbo and they told me that they have fitted 4 of these and alll have failed due to turbo seal failure. so the only way i can fix this issue was to buy another turbo or have the ebay turbo i brought rebuilt by a specailist. i decided to buy a brand new turbo from a reputable tuner. Andy Forest. The turbo cost me an excess of £700 but i got 12 month warrany and never heard them fail. However before i could fit the new turbo i had to remove and clean my intercooler, replace the spark plugs and oil/oil filter and clean all the vacum pipes and boost pipes and sensors and solonoids. which was a painfully long job.

so the moral of the story is dont buy a cheap turbo. As it will only cost you allot more in the long run and will give you grief and money. Buy a geniune turbo and from a reputable tuning company which uses geniune parts to build using the manufactueres guidelines for quality and tolorences.

BTW this guide applies to the cheap TD05-16G, TD05-18G and TD06-20G

I hope that helps. Any Question send me a message.

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