Safe ebay Trading and Tips

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Trading on ebay is generally safe and secure. Here is my guide to hopefully spotting People and Companys to avoid.

1. Check the feedback score if it is below 10 check when they registered. If they registered in the last couple of months be careful.

Do they allow you to pay by paypal if they do you have some comeback. do not send cash or postal orders as anyone can get or cash them.

have a look to see what they have been buying or selling.

are the items they have been buying all 99p ect as this is a quick way to boost your feedback at little cost and is not a true refection of thier commitment to ebay.

what are people saying about them in thier feedback is it positive and is it the same people that are buying from them.

check if they keep changing thier user names. ? why are they ?

I would personally only buy from people that have been registered a while with feedback score of over 95% but would check thier neg feedback to see why they got neg feedback.

or people not been registered long but have done transactions in the £20 upward price range and have nearly 100% feedback score.

On the whole the vast majority of people and shops on ebay are 100% trust worthy and are trying hard to keep thier customers happy.

If a customer of mine has a problem. If they e-mail me i will sort it even if it means refunding all the money and even postage back to me to them.

Then i will do it. That is why my feedback is 100%. and occasionally i do have customer problems. I am honest and trust worthy and i belive in customer satisfaction and so do the majority of ebayers.

finally if in doubt  DONT BUY IT? e-mail the seller  THEN DECIDE.

i hope this helps even one person from being ripped of.

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