Safeguarding yourself with purchases

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Protect yourself against false claims of damage

A good thing I have started to do and recommend with others is to video yourself opening any higher end purchases you receive off Ebay. I have used this on a few things now and if a problem does arrive that may be disputed you will have proof that no foul play has taken place.For peace of mind it is fantastic, I am one of those old worry warts where if an issue does arise I wonder if I should say something and if I did would I be believed We have all heard the old chestnut " It was working or fine when I sent it" and it has helped out. There is nothing specific you have to do just aim the phone/ camcorder etc on the item as you unwrap and then you have video proof of the condition it has arrived in. If everything is ok you can discard of the footage afterwards. It may seem like a bit of a over the top thing to do but for something that is so simple and takes two minutes to set up you are saving yourself a lot of hassle in the long run. A friend of mine has just managed to save herself £200 using this method.
Sadly we have to take precautionary steps to protect ourselves and cash these days which is a shame but sometimes you have no choice. Hopefully it will help you out like it has me and a few of my friends. Fingers crossed all your items arrive perfect and there is no cause for complaint but you never know ...............

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