Safely Wrap Your Lps for Posting

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Please take your time to pack your vinyl well?

After being lucky enough to sell your great L.P for a good price, you don't want to have the transaction ruined because the record got damaged in transit. It would be such a waste for a precious album to go that way, they are rare enough.

It does happen unfortunately from time to time that a great record will get damaged in transit, and yes I have experienced this on more than a few occasions. Times my heart has sunk seeing a great piece of vinyl arrive at the the door in nothing more than an oversized jiffy bag, the contents rattling around inside from end to end. I once had a seller who sent me some precious 45s with notes stapled onto each sleeve, the bent prongs of the staple scratching the discs  while in transit, one arrived in a pizza box, the latest got to me only wrapped in a single layer of thin brown paper.

Care and a little time should be taken to make sure that the record(s) are well protected and not moving about before postage. Crumpled sleeves, split cover seams, complete sides of inner bags trashed are just some of the types of damage that can occur. Needless to say an EX++ record can soon become VG-or worse before it evens reaches the buyer.

Whether your newly sold vinyl is going round the corner or around the world it should be wrapped in the same careful manner.

Prep your vinyl.If available pop the record into a spare sleeve and cover. Replacing the origianl inner back into the records empty cover. Put all this into a poly record bag making sure the record cant roll out of either cover or poly bag.

Cut out 4 panels of flat thick cardboard approx 13" x 13" maximum.You want all sides of the disc to be at least 2cm from the edge.Sandwich the disc between the card. and tape across the centre of each edge, then do the same at the eight corner edges. The disc shouldn't be able to move now.Sandwich this between two other sheets of card and tape along all the edges to make watertight.

Clearly label the front and back with "RECORDS.DO NOT BEND", attach fragile stickers, and address clearly. With a return address too.At the post office remember to either fill out or ask for a certificate of posting, to cover any missing mail.

Safe Ebaying

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