Saints Row 2

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In this game your character's goal is to ressurect his gang to its former glory by completing various missions, raising money, erradicating competing gangs and getting control of more neighbourhoods. 

The number and variety of missions are enough to keep you occupied for some time but if you want a break from completing set missions you can complete side missions like taxi driving, pimping prostitutes, drive-by shootings, assassinations, paramedic, vigilante police officer and many more.

If you don't feel like doing that, then you are free to roam the huge city and do anything you want to.  Nearly no part of the city if off-limits.  You can commit robberies, car jacking, randomly attack people and more.  If the police are called you can try to escape, take hostages or fight them.  The more serious crimes you commit and the harder you fight them the harsher their response.  At one point SWAT and military Special Forces are dispatched to deal with you!

When you start expanding your territory you will have the option to call on various gang members by phone to help you complete missions.  If you drive past them on the street you can also summon them to help you.

The detail that has gone into this game is amazing.  From the offset you can choose the gender, race and build of your character.  You can also select their personality, facial features, expressions, hair style etc.  And if you get bored of your character mid-game, you can visit a plastic surgeon and change their appearance!  Throughout the game there is also the chance to change your character's clothes.  You are actually respected more by other characters in the game for improving your style.

The variety of vehicles at your disposal is impressive.  From worn out cars to high performance sports cars and motorbikes.  You can also use speedboats, quadbikes, planes and helicopters.  It goes without saying that you will be acquiring these vehicles by stealing them but you can buy them if you want to.  You can also customize your vehicles and take them to be resprayed to try to evade the authorities!

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