Sat Nav Security (Tom Tom + Others)

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This is probably an old tip, but never the less worth repeating........
Never ever put your real address in as the home location on a sat nav. You know where you live, you know the area, so why pinpoint your address for thieves. By all means enter the street name, but not the house number!!! If some scrote breaks into your car, steals your sat nav, he has your address. If it is stolen (for example) at a holiday resort/visitor centre/miles from the home address, it is a fair bet your house is empty and open to burglary.
When buying a unit off Ebay, only buy one that is complete. If the home charger is missing, if no box, CD etc. think "WHY?" If stolen from a car, then the home charger and other bits won't be with it, will they?
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