Sat Navs - Safety & Buyers Guide

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Over the past couple of years, theft of satellite navigation systems has become one of thre highest rises in crime in the United Kingdom. Whilst many precautions can be classed a common sense, it is sometimes the simplest things we forget. Do not let your vehicle become an unnecessary target of crime and remember these few basic precautions;

1) Make sure you disconnect your Sat Nav system everytime you leave your car, and take the system with you. Most are now lightweight enough to carry on your person or within a handbag, briefcase etc..

2) Also remove the suction mounted fitting from the windscreen as this gives potential thieves a strong indication that the car has a Sat Nav device which may still be stashed somewhere inside the vehicle

3) Another factor to beard in mind is that the suction device used to affix the Sat Nav to the windscreen sometimes leaves a small ring on the glass when it is removed. Always wipe it away with a cloth as thieves may look for this mark as an indication that you have a Sat Nav device, which may be in the car somewhere.

4) NEVER NEVER NEVER store your home address in your Sat Nav System. Not only with a potential thief have your system but they will also know that you are not at home. You shouldn't need a Sat Mav to find you way home. Restrict the postcode to the first couple of letters such as ME, TN. CT as you will always be able to find your way back home once you are within a few miles radius.

5) Make a note of the serial number of your device and any other portable equipment you have and keep the information in a safe place in case the device is stolen.

6) Security mark each part of your Sat Nav system with ultraviolet markers. Use of this product will help to increase your chances of being re-united with your equipment if you are unfortunate enough to have it stolen and it is recovered by the police.

7) Consider registering your system with tracking agencies such as Immobilse (easy to find with a Google search), a free service which enables your equipment to be registered nationally. The company is supported by all the major police forces and helps to reunite owners with their property if it is stolen and then recovered.

8) Do not leave anything of value in your cars, even hidden out of sight in the boot as a thief will break in just to see if there is anything of value in the car.

9) Open the parcel shelf and open the glove compartment to show there is nothing of value left in the vehicle

Whilst 99.99% of Sat Nav Systems sold from Ebay would be from genuine sellers, thieves would always be tempted to rid themselves of their new possessions through the site. Do not be afraid to ask a few simple questions that would ensure you are buying a genuine product and not someone's recently lost system. Any genuine seller would not mind answering a few questions and if any answers ring alarm bells, stick with your instincts.... these are usually right!!!!

1) Is the system being sold without a box? If so Why?

2) Does the system come with both the in-car charge and in-house charger? If not, why not? Where are they? Why are they not being included?

3) Can the seller provide the orginial purchase receipt? (not necessarily a problem but they will at least being be able to tell you where the item originated from, a gift for example)

4) Do you recieve the instruction manual?

5) If a private seller, why are they selling their system? Are they upgrading or find it something they do not use often enough to justify keeping?

I hope that you find this guide to be of use and I hope you enjoy your purchase. If you found this guide helpful, please vote.


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