Save Money Mobile Phone Repairs with Replacement Parts and Tools

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How to Save Money on Mobile Phone Repairs with Replacement Parts and Tools from eBay

A malfunctioning or damaged mobile phone is rarely beyond economic repair, provided the owner is prepared to fix the device themselves. Further money can be saved by repairing the phone with replacement parts and tools bought on eBay. Mobile phone components and the service implements required to fit them can be quickly researched and then cheaply sourced on the eBay website.

Mobile Phone Repair is Simple

Before attempting their first repair, many people imagine it will be a complex undertaking that requires specialist tools and knowledge leading them to buy new or refurbished models instead of attempting repairs.
In fact, quite the opposite is true. Mobile phones are modular, meaning they are constructed from a small number of relatively large components, or modules. This modular design makes them not just easier to manufacture, but also easier to repair. To reduce the time it takes for the phone to be assembled in the factory, the modular components are usually held together with the minimum possible number of fasteners. Some of these do require simple tools to release them, but these are cheap and widely available and so are easy to source.

Researching Mobile Phone Replacement Parts and Tools

The product reviews and buying guides on eBay can be a useful resource when researching the repair of a mobile phone. The articles are easily searched and browsed to find the information which is the most relevant for the intended purpose.

The Mobile Phone Repair Process

Although repairing a mobile phone is a relatively simple task, it will require a methodical approach to ensure everything runs smoothly. It is therefore worthwhile allocating a little time to correctly assess the value of the phone and the suitability of all the repair items required.

Pricing the Repair

Before committing to the task of repairing a mobile phone, it is important to price the job. This is necessary to establish the phone is not beyond the cost of economic repair. A phone is normally ruled to be not worth repairing if the total cost of the time and materials required approaches or exceeds its second-hand value. It is easy to establish the value of the repaired phone by searching for similar used models on eBay. Remember, the damaged phone will still retain some second hand value, even in its unrepaired state, and this should ideally be taken into account during the calculation. An amateur repairer will not necessarily need to attach a cost to the time they will spend repairing the phone. However, they should include the cost of any tools that are required, as they may never be used again.

Identifying the Correct Mobile Phone Parts and Tools

It is important to correctly diagnose which phone components are causing problems. Buying and replacing working parts only to find the fault has not been resolved is a frustrating experience. For this reason, it can sometimes be worth ordering the tools first to allow the phone to be disassembled for proper examination. If the phone is dismantled for this purpose, it is important to either reassemble it again immediately or to carefully label and bag the various components to prevent the loss of smaller parts.

Using Mobile Phone Component Serial Numbers

The pace of mobile phone development can sometimes mean that design revisions occur within the lifespan of a single model. Anyone unfamiliar with these designs may encounter the risk of buying a component that is not compatible with their particular revision of the phone. For this reason, wherever possible, it is best to search for replacement mobile phone components by referencing their serial numbers, rather than relying solely on the make and model of the phone to identify the part. Where there is any doubt of the issue of compatibility, it is worth checking with the vendor that the part they are offering is suitable for the intended repair. The vendor can be contacted using the Ask seller a question facility located immediately below the item details in the eBay listing. It is always a good idea to include the make, model and serial number of the phone with the query. The phone's serial number can usually be found in the battery compartment. More often than not it is underneath the battery itself.

Using Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts

Genuine replacement mobile phone parts, made by the phone's maker, are often significantly more expensive than those from third party component manufacturers. However, as they are usually also better made, and consequently easier to fit, original equipment parts are often a good choice for the amateur repairer. As genuine parts are also usually more reliable, it can also be a false economy to fit a cheaper and more fragile component if it does not last. Many phone manufacturers now add hologram stickers to the various modular components of their phones. These help to differentiate genuine parts from cheaper copied components. Where these are present on the outgoing component, they should also be found at the same location on all genuine replacement part.

Mobile Phone Component and Tool Packages

The required tools may be sourced more cheaply by purchasing them from the vendor supplying the replacement parts. The most popular replacement mobile phone components are often supplied with a set of cheap plastic tools. These often disposable items are intended to allow anyone to repair their own phone. Therefore, when searching for replacement phone components on eBay, it is often a good idea to append the word "tools" to the list of search terms.

Getting the Mobile Phone Parts and Tools Cheaply

Anyone looking to repair their own phone with parts and tools sourced on eBay is, by definition, a cost conscious individual. For this reason, it is worth looking at the ways the total cost of the repair can be kept to a minimum.

The Cheapest eBay Deals on Phone Parts and Tools

Using the sort function is a quick and easy way to locate the best deal on eBay. Having identified a suitable collection of phone parts or tools, expand the sort option located just above the list of items and choose the option to order the items with the lowest price, including postage and packing, at the top. It is also possible to display only items which are offered with free postage by selecting this option from the panel on the left. However, it is worth remembering that if the seller is paying the postage they will likely, to some extent, have covered this in their asking price. It is also worth checking the delivery details to find how long their estimated despatch and delivery times are. A seller offering to cover the cost of postage is unlikely to pay a premium for a faster service, meaning the items may take longer to arrive.


Everything required to affect the successful repair of a mobile phone can be found on the eBay website. The handy research facility can be used to gain information about the repair process, before sourcing the tools and components required from eBay's extensive inventory. Before committing to the repair of a mobile phone, it is important to establish whether it makes economic sense. Where this is the case, care should be taken to ensure that the correct replacement parts and the tools required to fit them are ordered. There are various ways to keep the cost of the repair to a minimum. For example, the replacement parts and tools can be bought together to reduce postage costs.

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