Saving time drilling and screwing using Dewalt Set

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If you are spending a lot of time re-chucking between your pilote hole drill bit, countersink and screw driver bit, then you can save yourself loads of time by buying an all in one system. I bought a DeWalt set and it is now my most valueable tool! There are quite a few on the market, but I don't think any match the one produced by DeWalt that I will now explain.

The set comprises firstly of the main chuck holder adaptor (bottom right picture, bottom of the two items), which you permanentely chucks into your drill for your session. Secondly, a connector piece (bottom right picture, top of the two items) has a drill bit with countersink at one end, and a screwdriver bit at the other end with clips into the main holder. The connector allows for No. 6, No. 8, No. 10 or No. 12 drill bit and countersink to be secured in, and similarly, the screwdriver bit end allows for a variety of screwdriver bits to be secured in (3 x Pz 2, 2 x Ph 2).  All of these additional bits are supplied in the toughened trademark yellow box.  To change either the drill or screwdriver bit, you simply use an Alan key which is supplied in the box.

Once you have set up your drill and screwdriver bit, you are ready to go! Obviously, you would start with the drill and countersink bit first, and once you have done your pilot hole and countersink, there is a slider on the main adaptor that allows you to take out the connect and flip it over for the screwdriver ready to drive that screw in! This method is far quicker than having to rechuck completely and if you have a lot of work to do, hours of time can be saved!


This tool, can be bought for around £20, is a true bargain.

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Dewalt DT7612

Dewalt DT7612 Flip Drive Set

Dewalt DT7612 Drill and Flip Driver Tool Set

Dewalt DT7612 Flip Drive Countersink Pilot Bit Set

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