Say Byebye to DVD Combo IDE1# Error on Toshiba Laptop

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Say Byebye to DVD Combo "IDE1# Error" on Toshiba Laptop

My Toshiba A50(PM 1.5)'s Panasonic UJDA750 Combo was dead, so I exchange to a  Panasonic brand-new SR-8178-B DVD, not buying from Toshiba.After A50 with new optical drive is started, the screen presents "IDE1# Error" promptly at upper left corner, shows IDE1 port mistake, then enter the system, the optical drive is unable to recognize.

WHY? Toshiba asks his laptop's DVD/CD/Combo/DVD-RW must be set to CSEL mode, not  SL (SLAVE), Or MA (MASTER ), but most laptop's CD-ROM drives are set to SL or MA, and it could not to be changed, so Toshiba cannot recognise.

How to solve?

WAY1. Mark the plastics between 47 and 45 gently on a trough with paper knife at first, the following picture.

Then it is sticky above the optical drive to use the wire pulled down transparent directly, another party inserts in the optical drive trough meticulously to 47 and 45 good stitches, Through pulling out and inserting changing repeatedly, succeeding at last, the mistake was pointed out and disappeared at last. After entering the system smoothly, the operating system recognizes the optical drive immediately . This kind of method is simple, but the optical drive can't be often dismantled.

WAY2. Pull down the top cover of the CD-ROM, then weld 47 and 45 stitches together.



Good luck! Any request, please tell us

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