Scale Issues? - Quick guide to fault finding.

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A few tips to establishing your scale issues.

For all faults, always try switching the scale off and on before trying anything else.

Incorrect readings since the last time it was used.: Most common causes is the scale has been moved.
Ensure that the scale is sitting on a flat, stable surface. If so, check the scale for level. Most scales are fitted with a level bubble so adjust the feet by first winding them completely back into the scale then proceed to wind them back out a little at a time until the bubble is central. The smaller the scale, the less adjustment required.

Error messages: Always refer to your manual, however the most common error message will be due to over weight or under weight even if the weighing pan is empty. Always ensure that the scale pan is free from obstacles and dirt that may have wedged the scale.

If the scale is showing overload then try switching the scale off. Once off, try gently holding the weighing pan upwards whilst switching the scale back on and see if you get a reading. If it works then the scale cell has been overloaded or the cable has been damaged. In this scenario, if no damage to the scale is visible then it may be possible that the scale fault can be corrected by carrying out a simple re-calibration.

If the scale is showing an underweight error then try the above but instead of lifting the weighing pan, try placing a weight onto it instead. Again, usually this can be rectified if no visible damage is seen by simple re-calibration.

Erratic display reading: Where your scale display is counting up or down on it's own, with or without weight placed upon it.

Has the scale been near liquid or moisture? Check for signs of damp which may have entered into the scales electronics.
Is there any signs of cable damage? Erratic behavior can sometimes be caused by a damaged or crushed cable. Damaged outer cables can also allow moisture into the circuits which can also cause an unstable display reading.

Scale not switching on: First check the fuse of the mains plug. If this is found to be working, is there an internal fuse? Is there an internal rechargeable battery? Sometimes these batteries make up the circuit of the scale and therefore when they are no longer working, these may cause the scale to not work off the mains either.
A common indication off a bad battery is that the scale is plugged into the mains but the charge light remains to show red as usually they will go through a stage of red, amber and then green.

Any other other problems then send us a message through our seller contact information where we will be more than happy to help.
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