Scam Buyers! be aware Goods lost in post

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Hi Guys,


Your always hearing about scam sellers on Ebay, well I have found my first scam buyer and thought I would try and help other sellers on Ebay to be vigilant on the supposed trick I never received my item should you have sent goods out via Royal Mail 1st class.

Heres what happened to me. I sold goods back in October 2011 equating to £52 the buyer sent me an e-mail 5 days later asking wether i had despatched out their goods, ( they knew I had as i had e-mailed them) I informed them that I had and that they should be with them shortly. After 8 days they e-mailed me again and had opened a dispute with paypal stating goods never arrived. i contacted them again and asked if they could wait until 15 days had elapsed asked them to check local sorting office etc etc in the end as I had only sent the goods out via 1st class mail with no tracking etc I  issued them with a full refund.

They purchased goods again from me 4 months later. Dont ask me why but the name rang a bell. I tried to check my previous sales but they are only held on the system for 3 months. I checked my e-mails and there it was goods lost in post email etc. I e-mailed them stating that I would be sending these goods out signed for to insure that they received them this time and whilst at it, I thought I would take a look at their 100% feedback.  When I looked at feedback left for others I noticed that there was a large amount of negs left for sellers, stating goods never sent seller a conman! MMMM i thought I would take a closer look at this person and discovered that they are purchasing very high qtys of goods each month. Most sellers have the system set up, whereby when dispatching out goods feedback is automatically left for the buyer. This person only leaves feedback to people whom send out goods via a secure method. Should it be sent out normal 1st class mail they claim they never received it! most sellers are afraid of getting  neg feedback so automatically issue the buyer with a refund. Should the seller issue this guy with a full refund then he doesnt leave any feedback what so ever.

Me being me I thought I would drop an email to some of the other sellers on his feedback whom had sold him goods but never received a feedback from him low and behold the first two I contacted had done the same as me issued him with a refund of over £50! on each sale, they also had their suspecions that this person had received the goods and was pulling a fast one as he was so quick to open a dispute not via ebay but via paypal!

My advice now is if you dont wish to defer from using royal mail 1st class postage (as it is cheaper and quicker) keep a record of any buyers whom claim item never received for future reference but also have a look at their feedback left for others and amount of goods they are purchasing on a monthly basis prior to issuing them with a refund.

Also ALWAYS put a claim in to royal mail if I had done this and all the other sellers had also then this person would probably have been caught by now. I have also logged a compalint with ebay and requested that they look at this person more closely as they are the only ones whom can see just how many refunds they are receiving back on a monthly bases. I have also reported this person to royal mail and requested that they too have a closer look into this address too. With any luck he will be stopped. At the end of the day its not just us sellers who are out of pocket but ebay have to refund fianl value fees along with paypal's fees and if sellers do claim compensation for goods lost in transit Royal Mail also have to payout. So it really is worth us all filing for compensation no matter how little the item costs! If we ALL stick together eventually these people will get caught!

I hope has been some what of an eye opener for you and you have been able to get some ideas on how to deal with scam buyers.

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