Scam on Mobile Phone Auctions from Buyers in Nigeria

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I recently tried to sell my mobile phone right here on E Bay and I was out when the auction ended i was happy to discover hat the auction ended and the mobile phone went for around 260 GBP and I was over the moon as we were hoping to put some of this money toward our holiday. However my hapiness was very short lived when the very next day I gao an E Mail from this person and it said that either Paypal or E Bay were holding he money, naturally I was suspisious and as of yet we have gotten no response from them and we have definitly not sent the mobile phone. Later that day I go a message saying that the second place bidder was a scam and that he had a black mark agains him. I then got yet another mail saying that the first place bidder had tried to get 80 mobile phones in the past and never once complted a transaction.


I hope that all of you selling Mobile Phones are not scammed by these buyers, if a price seems too good to be true then don't go with it, mine selled for almost 300GBP but the seller never paid. His name is Alistairlaedbetter. Please don't let his perfect Score fool you he does not pay and he would expect you to send the object before sending the money.


Thanks for listeing

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