Scammer Alert cargovision2010

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This guy Mr jeff   is a serious scammer , He ripped me off of £450 , 

He sold me a clc3200 printer that is basically a pile of junk , he does not accept paypal  ( for obvious reasons i now realise )
After  many phone calls to mr Jeff find out when he was going to originally deliver it , he turned up after  2 weeks after I made payment  to deliver and told me I was rushing him???
The printer has not worked properly since he delivered it in his estate volvo ? ( no van for such a BIG seller of export printers? ) ,
 Tons of paper jams, broken doors and roller parts , the printer was sold to me as serviced / refurbished and full of toner which was half empty and the black drum had had it!!!,
 Because he had took so long to get back to me I even spent £160 on my own engineer to diagnose the issues I was having thinking I could resolve the problems on my own, the engineer told me that it would cost more than I paid for the printer to fix it!!! 
 He has made 3 attempts to repair it in 3 months and each time he has got nowhere with this piece of junk and now he is not even answering my calls and keeps on posting up 0 feedback aliases on ebay,  what an asshole.

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