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I was recently the intended victim of scammers.I was selling a particularly valuable bracelet on Ebay as a Buy it Now or make Offer.
I had an acceptable offer made and on acceptance,the usual info.on the Buyer appeared by email.I was immediately suspicious as the Buyer had only become an Ebay member on that very same day.They had an African sounding name and also a London address but with no Street number.I seem to recall I emailed them back and also telephoned their Mobile number and was told that a Paypal payment was on the way and that they were adding an extra £100 for me to post the bracelet to them that day.I became more suspicious!!!
Within 20 minutes ,what at first glance appeared to be a Paypal payment notification showed in my inbox.The Paypal logo looked O.K. but the format was wrong and the English Grammar was not right.The info. said that Paypal had the money and would release it to me once the item had been posted.Very Strange !!! I thought.
On checking my proper Paypal account,there was no such mention of any such funds either being received or being held on my behalf by Paypal.
I also received a direct email from the "Scammers" asking me to post the bracelet asap to a different London address and saying that they had paid thru.Paypal.
I immediately alerted both Ebay and Paypal and sent copies of all emails sent and received.The Buyer was immediately "expelled" from Ebay and I had my suspicions confirmed that it was a scam.
Needless to say,I heard no more from the Scammers and I had not posted the bracelet,thank goodness.
The most important lesson to me is to always check my main Paypal Account page to verify any transaction has actually taken place,as an incoming email can look very like a genuine Paypal email but may not be.Also,the English Grammar used on these fake emails is often bad,possibly indicating the scammer may be a Foreigner.
Also ,be wary of requests to post items quickly or Buyers that pay you more than they owe to make you feel indebted to them.
Lastly,check the Buyers feedback,as Scammers usually appear and disappear quickly,so will not usually have generated much,if any feedback.
Thankfully,I had my wits about me,make sure you do to.
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