Scammers and Bankers drafts!!!

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A quick warning to those who are not aware of the "bankers draft scam".

A stranger writes to you and offers all the money for your item.

Asks you if you will accept a bankers draft for £10k when your item is only £8k.

When the draft clears he asks you to forward the £2k difference to his shipping agent and as the money has cleared and your account is bursting with zeros you wont see any reason not too.

Regarless if you send the item or not, 3 months later the bank will inform you that the draft is a forgery and they are terminating the transaction.

At this point you have voluntarily sent £2k of your own money with NO CHANCE of getting it back from anyone. Do not presume that because the bank have cleared the draft that all is ok.

It is NOT ok, so for heaven sake DONT do it.

A genuine buyer would agree to use bank transfer.

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