Scammers on eBay

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Firstly I put an item up which was the iPhone5 & within 30 minutes of having put the item up. A woman emailed me &said she would buy the item. She clicked 'buy it now' on eBay and so I sent an invoice. The woman said she was buying the item for a present for her son in Nigeria (most common scam) The woman didn't complete the invoice on eBay but she was sending me private emails asking for my PayPal email. I gave her it so she could transfer the money but I didn't give her anymore details. She went outside of eBay and said she'd completed the payment via PayPal. 1 hour later I received an email from PayPal which I have never saw before. The email said 'you've got new funds! Sent by ********' it looked strange. I automatically had a feeling it was a scam. The woman emailed me an address in London. I checked the address and turns out it was a hotel address. As everybody should realise that that is very strange. She said she was here on business. She then emailed me again asking if I could send the item to her son in Nigeria. Suddenly I felt anxious as I didn't know pricing for packaging but it is £50. She emailed me again and told me she had send £500 altogether in my PayPal. I checked and nothing had been payed in. I spoke to a few family members as I'm only 16 years old and didn't know what to do in this case and they agreed that they thought it was a Nigerian scam so I emailed the woman kindly and said the item had broken. I then cancelled the transaction on eBay and received various threatening messages from the woman saying she would get my eBay deleted. She also denied getting her money back. *advice* google search addresses before you accept to change any addressing methods abroad. They will rob your money&threaten you.

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