Sciphone i68 4G (iPhone 4 clone)

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This iPhone 4 clone is made by CECT. The first important thing to know is there are copies of this Sciphone, and many are on Ebay. So beware! You want a real Sciphone, the fakes are always inferior, sometimes very much so. There are guides which tell you how to check, unfortunately this is often after you receive it. Using those parameters it is often worthwhile asking sellers specific questions before buying. Anyway with a Sciphone 4 you will find it is NOT a Apple iPhone. But its not far behind. It has a slower processor, so web browsing, etc. is not so quick. Its a Java phone like the Blackberry, with masses of free Apps. The Bolt Browser is much recommended. Getjar Internet site is good for Apps. The touch screen is resistive not capacitive like the real iPhone, and less sensitive. It IS ok for most finger touch usage even if it has a slight lag, but for fine work a stylus is really better. As a phone it works well. Unlike iPhones of course it has twin sims, and all Sciphones are unlocked. Cameras are ok but not as good as the iPhone. It does have an FM radio which of course the iPhone does not. It also comes with two batteries which are a standard Nokia part, and very cheap. Replacing a battery on an iPhone is complex and expensive. So in some areas it is superior to the real iPhone. Sciphones are reliable and well made. Take an iPhone and a Sciphone apart and there is no real difference in build quality. Wifi works well, is quite sensitive. There is no way to use Skype, Live Messenger, etc. with the front camera, so its a bit silly. For impressing people it looks exactly the same as a real iPhone at least from the front. So all in all, a iPhone it is not, it does most things fairly well though, even if not as fast, or as well. In some areas it is actually superior to an iPhone. So given the massive difference in cost it is good value against an iPhone. But do beware those fakes. Read up about them before buying, on Ebay in particular. Parts such as touchscreens are cheap and easily available. Fitting touchscreens can be done by an individual take great care opening. Watch for fakes!
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