Scoot from Nam

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Great looking scoot, well kitted with rear rack, front c/bars with spots. Picked up from felixestowe, should have gone to southampton! 1st coc* up!!

Took about 1hr to get started for 1st time ended up bumping down hill. Ran ok, but smokey, not unusual on a fully rebuilt engine, ( my A**E).

Things didnt get better, and after about 100miles it blew up,

Stripped it down, should have guessed what I would find with the fully rebuilt engine with new seals, bearings, piston and rings, etc,( MY A**e), when I found that the fan housing was held on with 8mm nuts under the heads of the fixings srews.

The mag flange was stuck fast and even with the right tool it would not budge. I eventualy had to resort to brute force and damaged my new crank (MY A**E).!!! The new bearings were so worn and pitted and siezed that I can only assume that they were newly installed from a scrapped engine!! LOL

As you can imagine I had to rebuild the engine completely!

But true to his word it did have new cables, in the GLOVEBOX!! HaHa, along with the new spark plug and bulbs none of which were suitable !!

I then checked the rest of the scoot, no grease nipps, hub bearings shot, speedo cable inner installed upside down so outer wouldnt srew onto speedo, etc, etc ,etc!!

I look on the bright side I got a genuine 1965 Li150 with Sx150 styling, with super paint job, no true, the paint was brill, it really is a good looking scoot, Good sprayers they have got, but I do believe that mechanics they aint.

I paid £1500 for it plus import charges of about £500. I could of paid upto a Grand for a lammie that needed restro, £500 or so on respray, so it prob worked out a lot cheaper in the long run, But they really should stop telling ebayers that they fully restored.

On offer shipping from Vietnam to any port in britain so long as its Felixestowe, take obout 10 weeks, BUY IT PRICE NOW £1500 of your hard earned british pounds!!!  Free Lambretta with good paint job and ready for mechanical rebuild supplied with every purchase !!!

The moral of this story, Whoever let lambrettas go to Nam in the first place? One final thought perhaps the government could try to get them to join the EU then we wouldn't get ripped of by customs as well!!!!



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