Screw fixing types explained!

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A short guide on Screws


Screws are described firstly by the head style:

Countersunk (CSK), Pan, Round, Cheese (countersunk is the most common)

Secondly by the type of tool you wish to use to drive the screw:

Pozi, Slotted, Security, Socket, Torx (pozi is the most common)

Thirdly the size:

This is the guage (G) by the length (L)

Fourth type of finish required (zinc (bzp) being the most common):

Self Colour, Zinc (BZP), Zinc Yellow, Zinc Black, Stainless A2, Stainless A4, Brass, Phos. Bronze


Pan Pozi 8X30 in a Zinc Yellow finish


As a guide screws are usually purchased in quantitys of 200 which sounds a lot but it's actually suprising how many you can use.


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