Scrying Basics

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Scrying is the art of gazing into a reflective surface to see the future, or the faces of the souls of the departed...even the great Elizabethan astrologer and mathmetician John Dee had a scrying mirror; his was made of obsidian, but you do not have to break the bank in order to be able to perform this ancient method of peering into the mists of the future...

Scrying can be done with any reflective surface; it does not matter whether it is round or not!  I have had the best results with an ordinary mirror in the dark, in haunted houses, where you sometimes see the faces of the departed behind you, or over your own face.  In the Kings Theatre, in Southsea, about half a dozen people watched my face turn into that of a bearded man in one of the big mirrors in the corridors behind the main auditorium!

You can also use a shallow bowl of water out in the open, with just the moon for company.  Or you can use a natural pool - gazing into a mirrorlike depths of Dozmary Pool on Bodmin Moor on a still and calm night, with not even the merest breath of wind to stir the surface is an eerie and uncanny experience...

To make a scrying mirror, get a glass fronted photo frame and either spray the back of the glass with black paint, or place a piece of black paper under the glass where you would put the photo.  I also like to scry with obsidian crystal spheres and agate slices.
Sit in the dark, with just a single candle, or moonlight, or another very low light and gaze into the mirror or surface with your eyes slightly can take a while, but you may see a mist which slowly parts, showing you pictures of the present, past and future...

Whatever you choose to use, from a bowl of water in yoru garden to an expensive obsidian mirror, or fabuolus crystal sphere you need to udnerstand that it does take practice - and you may find that one type of surface works better for you than another, but keep at it - and let me know how you get on!
Angel Blessings
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