Sea Monkeys, What are they and what sets are available.

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Sea Monkeys®

What Are They?

Sea Monkeys (or Artemia NYOS) are a type of Brine Shrimp developed by the Transcience Corp. They have been evolved by Transcience to grow larger and live longer than a standard Brine Shrimp found in their natural habitat.

Brine shrip originally come from salt water lakes and not from the sea. They are a very versatile species as they can survive in the lake bed even if it has dried up. When heavy rainfall comes they come out of their suspended animation and re hatch and grow very quickly. Due to their quick growth they can lay eggs very quickly and once the rainfall dries out they return to their suspended animation. Sea monkeys® have been know to hatch from a packet of eggs 20 years old before now.

In the 1960's Transcience saw and opportunity to sell their Sea Monkeys® as they are very easy to look after and maintain. Little did they know that 50 years later these little creatures would still be popular today.

Today you can buy a variety of kits and accessories to satisfy your imagination and also keep your Sea Monkeys® in tip top condition. Look below to find a whole array of kits and accessories.

Sea Monkey® Sets

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The Ocean Zoo is the entry level Sea Monkeys® set. It comes with the tank itself (available in 4 colours which include Orange, Purple, Red and Green) Packet 1 Water Purifier, Packet 2 Instant Eggs, Packet 3 Growth Food, Basic instruction, and a Calibrated Feeding spoon. This kit is idea to get you introducted into the world of Sea Monkeys® and learn how to look after your very own little pet. You can also add extras to this if you wish. Please see the accessories section below for guides and descriptions.             


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The Magiquarium tank is the same size as the Ocean Zoo but with an exciting difference. It has a unique glow that requires not batteries on power. Just simply leave it in the light for a short while and it will glow in the dark. You will be able to see the Sea Monkeys® dart around their tank in the amazing green glow. The great thing is that the night night you can repeat the whole process all again. This tank again comes with the same accessories as the Ocean Zoo above.                                           Back in stock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Sea Bubble tank is a great tank for boys as it comes with all of the classic bits and pieces of the Ocean Zoo and also comes with a key chain mini tank that you can transfer up to two of your Sea Monkeys® into for up to two hours and take out and about and show your friends.

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The Friendship Locket is a great tank for girls. It is made in a great pink colour to fit well into a girly pink bedroom. Again this tank comes with all of the Ocean Zoo accessories plus you get the friendship locket which you can transfer up to two of your Sea Monkeys into for up to two hours® You can the take this out with you to show your friends your levely new pets.


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The Pirate Gold set is not only an improved tank over the Ocean Zoo but it also has an upgraded accessory kit. The tank has a similar design to the Ocean Zoo but also has the gold booty on the bottom of the tank. The additional accessories that it comes with over and above the standard ones are as follows Captains Spy Glass lens, Port a Pet life boat, back pack keyring and an Aqua Leash. This set is a great set for those swashbuckling pirate loving boys.                  Back in stock early March............ Email us if you want to be on our pre order list....                                                                          

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The Ghostly Galleon tank is a mixture between the Magiquarium tank and the Pirate Gold tank. It has a Sunken Galleon  in the bottom of the tank but also this Galleon illuminates in the same way as the Magiquarium. Once left in a bright area or put under a bright light for a few minutes this tank will illumate for ages. It also comes with a bigger array of accessories that any of the other tanks. This set comes with again the standard accessories from the Ocean Zoo and also it comes with the following, Plasma 3, Oceanic Search Light, Aqua Leash, Million Bubble Pump and an illustrated handbook.                                                                                     Click Here To View The Sets

The Wristaquarium is similar to the Sea Bubble in that you have a portable tank to transport some of your Sea Monkeys® in. The difference is that the portable tank is in the design of a wrist watch. It isnt a functioning wristwatch but merely sits on your wrist like a wrist watch. As well as the Wristaquarium is also comes with an Aqua Leash on top of all of the standard Ocean Zoo accessories.

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The My First Pet tank is the ultimate in Sea Monkeys® gifts sets. It comes with almost every accessory available and some that you can't even buy seperately. If you want the ultimate gift for your teenager or boy this is it and it doesn't cost a fortune either. Once again aswell as the normal Ocean Zoo accessories you get a storage chest, magnifier, Aqua Leash, Million Bubble Pump, 32 page activity book, 3 coloured pencils, a pencil topper and instructions.


The Hang 10 set is one of the newer set to be realeased by Transcience. A completely different shape from the older style tanks, these tanks come in 3 designs which you will below. This particular design is of a beach which your sea monkeys will happily swim around for hours on end. Once again as always it comes with the same packets the original Ocean Zoo comes with.

The On The Moon set is exactly the same as above  in every way other than the design is different and as pictured above.


Unfortunately eBay will not allow be to add any more images of any more products so the rest of the products will be descriptions only. You can see the image by clicking any of the above links.




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