Seagate ST1 5GB compactflash card Firmware 3.04

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According to Seagate these 5gb drives with Firmware 3.04  have been PHYSICALLY changed so they are not CF compliant.

Although these are listed under Photography > Digital Memory Cards they WILL NOT WORK in a digital camera.

Basically these dries were made for MP3 players and Seagate "fixed" them to stop people buying the MP3 and ripping out the drive to use in a  digital camera.

I cannot speak for other firmware versions but would ask would be purchasers to Google "seagate  firmware 3.04" and read the masses of forum messages .  I spent four hours trawling them all in the hope there was something I could do to make this drive work, it was four hours wasted.

To make matters worse, I could have avoided the hassle  if I had looked before buying the untested drive.  The drive doesn't even work in my  card reader!!!!!  It causes a major error in Windows and shuts down my PC!!!!!!

Funny how the seller has had another two of these up for sale  and all of them "safely stored pending a project I never got time to build".  Funny as well, how I didn't receive a response from the seller when I emailed to advise that he should amend his listing so that it wasn't in digital memory cards!

You have been warned!
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