Sealed and looking authentic does not make it genuine

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I wish to draw attention to my recent experience with buying software on Ebay.

I was looking for Windows 7 operating systems and came across many offerings. Eventually I settled on one Professional and one Ultimate version. Both from different sellers.

Careful to ensure that what I was buying was legitimate I examined the description and all seemed OK...Sealed...Full retail version....Genuine...Authentic

Upon installing the two operating systems on my PCs I soon found out the painful truth. Both copies were counterfeit, albeit very good ones. All the security was there...holograms, COA etc.

I'll now explain how its done.......

The counterfeit copies are provided with product keys that are only available to MSDN subscribers. The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) is the portion of Microsoft responsible for managing the firm's relationship with developers and testers, such as: hardware developers interested in the operating system (OS), and software developers. The keys are provided by Microsoft and are NEVER, repeat NEVER contained in retail boxes. Counterfeiters manage to get hold of these keys and insert them into counterfeit boxes.

My enquiries on a Microsoft forum revealed the following "The Key in use is an MSDN Key from a not-for-resale MSDN account. Unless you are an MSDN subscriber, you are not entitled to use the Key – and whoever sold it to you was not entitled to do so. You need to claim an immediate refund from the vendor - do NOT accept the offer of a new key.(all they are trying to do is to get past the 45-day claims window. or avoid you sending the evidence of their crimes to the authorities)"

So be warned....but my copy is working fine, I hear you say. Yes, for the time being. Until such time that Microsoft discover and block your key. That could be several months down the line. Way beyond any chance of getting a refund. 


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