Search for more than just one description of an item!

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One of the best ways of paying over the odds is not searching for alternative descriptions of an item.

I'm not talking about 'typos' here, here as example...

The little known company of 'Petra' must be the last european manufacturer of basic kitchen items.
(Everything is made in-house, and is very high quality).

The other day, I saw an auction where a 'Petra Mini Chicki Egg Boiler' (yes, I know it sounds so
frivolous but believe me they are great!) went for £16 or so, plus p+p 2nd hand. Not a bad deal,
great for the seller in fact, but not much less than the new price!

A simple search for just 'egg boiler' revealed lots of chinese tat, but also another seller, I got the
same item for £9 with no competing bids.

So don't jump in, search around!

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