Second Chance Scams (when your bid was exceeded)

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I recently failed in a bid for some hi-fi equipment and was pleasantly surprised to get an email a few days later to say I had a second chance on the item. Initially I was delighted and then realised it was a very impressive scam.

In particular my email had my ebay name and home email - but not my name. If in doubt compare it with other emails from ebay - e.g. special offers, you will find a number of other subtle differences. In my email the physical address of ebay was included  - it is not in ebay emails. A number of hyperlinks had odd changes to them as well

What to do next?
  • Always go to "My messages" in ebay - if there isn't a copy there it's not from ebay - delete the email permanently
  • Do not click on any hyperlinks in the email message - you will not be taken to ebay
  • Do not enter any personal details if asked to by the email
  • Always buy through confirmed ebay pages by going to the site and logging on
  • Tell ebay about the scam
  • If in doubt always hang onto your cash - the item will always come up again sometime

Happy and safe buying!



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