Second user laptops

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The best thing to do is check the spec against a new machine. The second user machine might have an up to date operating system but it is easier to get a machine with the most modern system eg vista at nearly the same cost. Second user machines have a greater chances of breaking down and since it is an auction the chances of the vendor helping out are very few and far between. Older machines are trouble in relation to drivers, batteries, power cables hard drives clicking etc. Never buy a machine measured with your own skill at repairing or has a fault, by the time you have bought all the bits and managed to put a street legal system on the machine you would be as well as buying a new machine. You should use your money on a second user machine for a deposit on a new machine and pay up the balance. Do not go over your budget on bidding another machine could come along with equally the same trouble. Money is hard to get so buy a new machine on #ebay or go to a reputable vendor


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