Selecting a Trustworthy Spellcaster

Like if this guide is helpful

Its very difficult when first trying to identify a genuine wiccan or spellcaster to undertake work for you.

Having quite alot of experience here I hope this may be useful in looking for some keys things.

Firstly magic cannot "happen in 48 hours" or only in rare circumstances,so rule of thumb avoid any offers that seem too good to be true.Magic requires positive thinking and can take from days to several months to manifest.So be realistic and have patience.

There ARE some genuinely good spell casters on ebay and I would recommend using your intuition to some degree.

Look for consistently good feedback on outcomes of the spells.

Ask the seller advice on the type of spell best suited to your need.The reply should give you an indication if they are genuinely interested in working with you..rather than taking your money.

A spell description should be just that! ie what the result will be,what is required of you..possible time frames

Look for a caster who gives detailed information...they should hopefully know their craft.

And finally ask questions if agreeable from customers who have ordered and had successful outcomes....

Love and Light

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