Selecting the Best Complete Clutch Kits for Your Car: An eBay Buyers Guide

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Selecting the Best Complete Clutch Kits for Your Car: An eBay Buyer's Guide

Car owners are known to look for new clutches and clutch kits for various reasons, and while someone may be looking to replace a worn out clutch, someone else may be looking at enhancing a car's performance. Although clutches are found in automatic transmission cars, when it comes to manual cars, their use is brought into plain view each and every time a gear is shifted. Since the clutch relies on other parts, like the pressure plate and flywheel, a number of car part manufacturers, with the aim of helping buyers, have started selling complete clutch kits so buyers do not have to worry about mixing and matching.

If you are looking for complete clutch kits, searching through the options available on eBay is sure to help, given the wide variety of choices on offer. However, before you actually buy a clutch kit, it is suggested that you establish if your car needs a clutch replacement in the first place, find out what is commonly found in clutch kits, learn about the different alternatives on offer, and figure out which role the material plays.

Does Your Clutch Need Replacement?

There is no definite time period or distance that a clutch should last, and while some wear out even before they hit the 50,000 km mark, some others last for more than 150,000 km. Factors that play a role in the wearing out of a clutch include: maintenance, driving style, and terrain. The good news is that there are signs to watch out for that can help establish if a clutch needs to be replaced.

If you experience gear slipping or jerks while changing gears, there is a possibility that the clutch is worn, although it could also be because of an oil leakage from the crankshaft. A damaged clutch can result in overheating, which, in turn, can lead to the appearance of smoke from underneath a car. In case the hydraulic linkage fails, it can result in the clutch pedal becoming harder to press, and although this does not necessarily require clutch replacement, the leak needs to be addressed. Noises that emanate from the engine, like grinding or chattering, can also be indicative of clutch damage, and incorrect installations can also lead to problems.

If you are looking at improving your car's performance, a clutch replacement should also be considered, and there is no reason why you should not go forward with your plan.

Clutch and Clutch Kits

The basic purpose that any clutch serves remains the same, which is, transferring power from a flywheel to wheels without any slippage. Since buying a new clutch on eBay often results in buying accompanying parts, a number of spare part manufacturers, as mentioned, have started selling complete clutch kits. The difference between these kits lies in their intended use, and the options eBay presents its buyers, when it comes to choosing from different types include stock, performance, and heavy duty.

Why Performance?

The reason people end up looking for performance clutch kits is because when more power is added to a vehicle's engine, the stock clutch cannot normally take the increased load, and this can cause the clutch to slip, as well as create a loss in power. The primary difference between stock and performance alternatives is how they are assembled, and while stock models can only apply a given amount of pressure when clamping the flywheel and clutch, those designed for performance come with a significantly higher clamping force that leads to reduced slippage clubbed with no loss of power.

What Is in a Kit?

Replacing a clutch could also require you to change components, like pressure plates and flywheels. Bear in mind that a clutch disc fits in between the flywheel and pressure plate, and the pressure exerted by the pressure plate helps push the clutch towards the flywheel. The friction that is generated between the clutch disc and the flywheel makes the disc revolve at the flywheel's speed, and when the flywheel stops, so does the disc. Since these three parts work so closely together, they are included in complete clutch kits that can be found on eBay, and may also include components like clutch alignment tools, pilot bearings, and pilot bushings.

Clutch and Clutch Kit Types

The clutch kit you should choose depends on the type of clutch you are after, and the two most commonly used types in modern day cars include the push and pull types. In addition, you also have to choose from stock street clutch kits, racing clutch kits, and heavy duty clutch kits.

Pull Type

Pull-type clutches work by pulling the fingers of the diaphragm in the opposite direction of the flywheel. The cover's pivot is designed in a manner that it enables the pressure ring to move away from the accompanying friction plate, and this, in turn, disconnects the gearbox from the engine drive. The benefits linked with pull-type clutches include lighter weight, better clamp loading, smaller diameter, and better cooling.

Push Type

In conventionally used push-type clutches,, releasing bearings work by pushing the diaphragm fingers for the clutch to be disengaged. Certain push-type clutches come with self-adjusting systems, or SATs, and these provide the same height of the diaphragm fingers through the entire cycle. Typical benefits of SAT push-type clutches include reduction in weight and size and increased life, and they also allow up to 30 per cent more transmission of torque.

Stock Street Kits

A majority of the cars available in today's marketplace come with stock street clutches,, although upgrading these is a possibility. The clutch disc and plate on stock models tend to come with medium padding and thickness, since this allows for easy gear changing, especially in cars that are not high on horsepower. In instances when the same model comes with a sports variant with considerably more horsepower, the same could well do with a clutch kit designed for performance.

Racing Kits

Most drag race cars use racing clutch kits,, also referred to as performance clutch kits, and the design of these take into account that racing requires considerably less gear shifting. The padding and thickness of the clutch disc and plate is thinner in comparison to stock and heavy duty alternatives, which results in reduced friction, thereby making way for quicker gear shifting.

Heavy Duty Kits

The thickness of the clutch disc and plate is increased considerably when it comes to heavy duty clutch kits,, which enables them to endure increased torque. Typically used with MPVs, four-wheel drives, and trucks, choosing one requires attention to be paid to aspects like torque, horsepower, as well as the typical weight that the vehicle hauls.


The material used to make clutches and related components varies, and different materials are known to offer different benefits. The table below should help you when deciding which alternatives suit you best.




Long life

Smooth engagement

Good range of operating temperature

Minimal break-in period


Smooth engagement

High temperature range

Can be damaged owing to overheating


Used in competition cars

Some chatter

Minimal setup


Abrupt engagement

High temperature range

Results in quicker flywheel wear


Abrupt engagement

High temperature range


Made using cindered iron and graphite

Smooth engagement

Better torque capacity

Since there are various materials that go into making clutches for automobiles, establishing which one best suits your needs is suggested, as this not only has a bearing on how your car handles after the change is made, but also on how much you are required to spend.

Buying the Best Complete Clutch Kits for Your Car on eBay

eBay is home to the best names in the business, and some of the clutch kit manufacturers you can expect to come by on eBay include: LuK,, Borg and Beck, Panther,, Veco, Blue Print, and Valeo. Another definite plus is the fact that you can expect to find these kits to fit almost every make of car you can think of, be it Ford, Vauxhall,, Renault, Opel, Peugeot, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, or any other.

Since multiple sellers use eBay to sell their auto spares, you also have the option to choose from different sellers selling similar, if not the same, products, and if you conduct a thorough search, you can even expect to find a good deal. Buying a used clutch kit is also an option when shopping on eBay, although if you intend to buy one that is used, it is important that you pay due attention to its quality because while some may be as good as new, some could be rather worn.


Instances of people installing the wrong type of clutch in their cars are not uncommon, and what works well on a race car does not necessarily work well in a car that is used on the road. Know that not all fast cars require racing clutches,, and taking your vehicle's technical limitations into account before installing a new clutch system is definitely suggested. If you are looking for a clutch kit because the existing clutch in your car is worn out or damaged and needs replacing, it is best that you stick to what the car manufacturer suggests.

Before you invest in a complete clutch kit, make sure you establish just what you want out of it in terms of functionality, and pay due attention to the various alternatives on offer. Working on a budget ahead of time can help in the decision making process because how much you are required to spend depends on what you are after. While a stock clutch kit should ideally be cheaper than a racing clutch kit, the material used to make a clutch kit's components also has a bearing on its price.

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