Self-Adhesive Mount Board Buying Guide

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Self-Adhesive Mount Board Buying Guide

Self-adhesive mount boards have a sticky yet dry surface. This surface is designed to allow materials such as textiles or paper to be mounted on the board and then easily removed again, without any sticky residue remaining behind.

There are different types of self-adhesive mount boards available, and it is important to know the differences between each type of self-adhesive mount board before committing to a purchase. For instance, mount boards can come in different materials and the thickness of the mount board can vary. Mount boards also come in various colours. When shopping for mount board, it is also important to consider the weight of the item to be mounted to the board.

Self-adhesive mount boards are readily available online. eBay boasts thousands of listings for self-adhesive mounted boards of different sizes and shapes. The range available and the competitive pricing make eBay a good venue to buy a self-adhesive mount board.

The Advantages of Self-Adhesive Mount Boards

Self-adhesive mount boards offer a surprisingly diverse range of uses, but in each case the principal advantage of a self-adhesive mount board is its convenience. Central to this is that items can be attached to the mount board temporarily, if pressed lightly into place. All the user need do is peel off the paper covering that protects the self-adhesive layer on the mount board, and press the object to be mounted into place.

A common application for self-adhesive mount boards is mounting textiles and other craft projects, including tapestry work and embroidery. The advantage of a self-adhesive mount board in this case is that it allows the item to be stretched out and held firmly in place. This can be important for those applications, such as crewel, needlepoint, or cross stitching, which require that the textile be held in tension.

When attaching textiles to a self-adhesive mount board, whether to work on them or for display purposes, it is important to ensure that the item remains flat and wrinkle free. One of the great benefits of using a self-adhesive mount board is that this is easy to achieve, since it is possible to realign the item on the mount board by attaching, removing, and then reattaching it again.

Advanced Adhesives

It is the adhesive properties of the self-adhesive mount board that allow the user to attach and reattach materials to the mount board. To function properly, a self-adhesive mount board requires a high tack adhesive. At the same time, it is also important that the adhesive feels dry to the touch. The adhesive must allow the user to manipulate and remove the item and then reattach it, all without causing any damage to the item, and without weakening the adhesive. Finally, for some purposes it is also advisable to have an inert, acid free adhesive, as this limits the risk of damaging the item, especially if the item is stuck to the board for a long period of time.

Types of Self-Adhesive Mount Board

Self-adhesive mount boards are used in a number of craft applications, including photograph mounts and various types of embroidery, in addition to knitting.. All of these self-adhesive mount boards share the same essential features. They consist of a flat surface that is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive. The mount boards are made of a material that can be easily cut to suit the size requirements of the task in hand.

Different Thicknesses of Self-Adhesive Mount Board

Where self-adhesive mount boards differ is in the thickness of the backing on the mount board. This difference in thickness can make a particular self-adhesive mount board more suitable or less suitable for a particular task.

Thin Self-Adhesive Mount Board

Some self-adhesive mount boards have a backing which is as thin as just 1.6 mm. This makes them ideal for some photo mount applications, where the lightweight nature of photographic paper does not place too much hanging weight on the backing. But such a thin backing is unlikely to stand up to the extra weight of comparatively heavy materials such as large, completed knitting projects,, like embroidery made of heavy yarns..

Thick Self-Adhesive Mount Board

These mount boards are typically about 3.1 mm thick. This thickness, or weight gives the mount board rigidity, and makes them suitable for a wider range of tasks. Also, because the backing is thicker, the overall surface area is bigger than the surface area of a thin self-adhesive mount board. If mounting a large craft project, especially large embroidered pieces, it pays to have a self-adhesive mount board that is a little more robust to cope with the weight of the item.

Foam-Reinforced Self-Adhesive Mount Boards

Foam-reinforced self-adhesive mount boards are mount boards whereby the backing consists of a sandwich-like structure. A thicker layer of dense foam is sandwiched between two thin layers of ordinary backing board to reinforce the mount board. For this reason, this type of mount board is sometimes referred to as 'foamboard'. These are the most rigid of the self-adhesive mount boards available, and because such mount boards are quite durable, they come in the largest formats. There are foam-reinforced self-adhesive mount boards with dimensions as large as 40 cm by 50 cm (16 inches by 20 inches).

This larger surface area is especially useful for mounting large pieces of textile, either for displaying  completed pieces of embroidery, or other artwork, or for keeping large projects as flat as possible.

Factors to Consider When Buying Self-Adhesive Mount Board

The first point to note when considering what self-adhesive mount boards to buy is that mount boards often cannot be purchased individually. Rather, boards come in packs of three or more. This applies particularly  to the smaller format, self-adhesive mount boards.

The next consideration is the size of the self-adhesive mount board. For knitting and embroidery purposes, the size of the mount board is determined by the size of the piece of work to be attached to the mount board. For display purposes, it is a good idea to allow enough room for a border to frame the item mounted on the board. This border is to set off the display item.

A further consideration is the colour of the mount board itself. Mount boards are generally available in either white, off-white, cream, and other neutral shades. Depending on the colour of the textiles on display, it may be necessary to choose carefully, as pure white can sometimes be too dazzling when set against brightly-coloured textiles.

The thickness of the self adhesive mount board is another consideration. The thickness, or weight of the self-adhesive mount is determined by the size and weight of the item mounted to the board.

The final consideration is where to source the self-adhesive mount boards. Since the range of self-adhesive mount boards available in the high street is limited, it is generally easier to find what you want by going online, where Internet markets such as eBay offer a much better range.

Finding Self-Adhesive Mount Boards on eBay

It is easy to find self-adhesive mount boards on eBay. Simply type a phrase into the search bar on the eBay home page, and press 'send'. A good search phrase in this case would be ' mount boards' or 'self-adhesive mount boards'. These search queries bring up several pages of listings detailing mount boards currently offered for sale.

You may either browse these listings, or you can narrow the results down to a more manageable quantity. This is easy to do by specifying those characteristics which are important to you. For example, if you want a self-adhesive mount board which is ivory in colour, specify that. If you want one which is A4 size, you can select the sizes on the results page. By employing various search filters, you can narrow the options, leaving only those listings that are most relevant to you what you are after.

Read the descriptions carefully and study the photos, to ensure that the boards you are looking at are what you want. Should you have any further questions, contact the seller using the contact link on their profile page. On the seller's member profile page you also find feedback posted by past buyers, telling you how the seller has performed in the past. The sellers with the best feedback are called 'Top-Rated Sellers&'.


Self-adhesive mount boards are used for a number of purposes, including the mounting of some types of knitting, embroidery and other similar crafts projects. When used for these purposes, self-adhesive mount boards allow the user to stretch the material out flat.

Self-adhesive mount boards allow the user to attach, remove, and reattach an item. This is due to the advanced adhesives found on self-adhesive mount boards. While sticky, the adhesive is dry to the touch and does not leave a residue on textiles. Self-adhesive mount boards are available in varying thicknesses. The thickness of a board determines its rigidity and how much weight the mount board can hold. These boards are also available in varying sizes and colours. The choice of size is based on the size of the item being mounted. There are various venues that stock self-adhesive mount boards. However, the range available in the high street is limited. A buyer is sure to find better choices, and better prices, online, where eBay has thousands of current listings for self-adhesive mount boards.

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