Sell more on eBay part 2

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3. Offer free shipping to improve your best match ranking

Offering free delivery to buyers not only makes your product listing more attractive to them, but it also improves your Best Match search result ranking on eBay. In fact, buyers will often pick a higher-priced product just because it has free delivery, even if the net cost of another product plus shipping fee ends up being the same. We recommend that sellers consider a trial period offering free shipping to test the results.
Before you offer free delivery, you must ensure that you have a robust refund policy. If you do offer refunds for damage and/or change of mind, you should clearly state in your product listing that the buyer must pay for the return postage should they wish to receive a full price refund on the item. Simple steps like these could go a long way in preventing any confusion or shopper dissatisfaction, and help cement you as a reliable and trusted seller.

4. Lengthen your titles to improve your search ranking

Title optimisation is a great, and simple, way to improve your search rankings and results on eBay. We’ve also found that many sellers never lengthened their titles when eBay extended the title character limit from 55 to 80 characters. There are several free tools to help sellers uncover applicable and popular keywords:
The BayEstimate tool - developed by the eBay Research Labs – allows you to input whatever title keyword you are using (for example “jeans”), and then lets you know how popular that word is, offers additional keyword suggestions and shares the most popular category click-paths.
The Google Keyword Tool is another good solution to use to determine the most popular keywords being searched by shoppers. Typing in a keyword here will show you the competition, global monthly searches and local monthly searches (on Google of course, not eBay, but it is a good indicator). 
Don’t try to trick the system though. eBay will demote results that have words in the title that are irrelevant to the shopper’s search needs - for example, calling the item “New” in the title instead of selecting “New” in the Condition field and using keywords of other related products to get more search hits. When you focus on an appropriate and properly optimised title for your product you’re going to get the best overall results.

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