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As a property investor I regularly see houses that fail to sell and am offered them for a quick sale.  These properties remain on the market because the Estate Agents are fearful of being honest about the state of the property (it should be clean and have a pleasant smell) or that the owner fails to neutralise the property by decluttering, taking down photos and repainting and finishing DIY projects.  It's just common sense really but when emotions get involved the heart takes over and the business decision changes to an emotional one.  I am a big fan of Ann Maurice from House Doctor the TV Show about how to maximise your chances of success. A google search on her programme will give you more tips.  Her advice is invaluable she has put her touches on a property and sold it for £30k more than the previously listed price on one programme I watched.

I would advise that you visit a Barrat or similar show home these companies spend millions of pounds working out what people want - copy their ideas. Take down your photos (so the owner can see themselves there not you), make sure the property has kerb appeal (remove dead plants) and the house number is visible.  Paint walls in neutral colours refer to a colour wheel to see what is appropriate, magnolia is a safe bet however.  Hire furniture to stage your home (if it is bare) and be willing to spend money to make it look great. Any job that needs doing will be knocked off the sale price by the new owners and they will over estimate the costs.  Modern bathrooms and kitchens add the most value to a property so if you still have an avocado bathroom suite it's costing you money - it should be white.  Can't be bothered?  Well that's why I'm in business!

You can take some of the things you buy with you and you will save money the house will sell faster, for a higher price and you will be in your new home in no time.  Try to look at the property through fresh eyes screw your eyes up and look around as though it was your first visit with a critical eye.

Multi agents encourage competition.  A search on the Rightmove property listing website of your area (with the box show properties sold Subject To Contract ticked) will show which is the most successful agent you should be listing with.  Also pay attention to what your agent writes it should be accurate and have good photos (no clothes on beds, clutter etc.) If you've improved the property update the photos.  Also get friends to test your agent and get them to view at weekends (if there's no one available you need another agent.)  Put the central heating on as a cold property can be like viewing a cave!

I hope you found my guide useful, if you need a quick sale please get in touch.


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