Seller Refurbished/Refub

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This can be a pretty tricky subject regarding the Xbox 360 Controller , as normally seller refurb/refurbishment means all the parts you will receive will not 
be new . The shell and other pieces could be new but the main pcb inside alas 9/10 is not new . Basically due to the cost of a new controller . I am not saying all seller refurbishment is bad far from it , but you need to understand you are not buying all new , something will be used . You need be careful when buying a controller with seller refurb , purely because you do not know the history surrounding the pcb inside the controller . After all these things take some hammer especially the Analogue sticks and D-pad . The sticks on a new controller when flicked either way should fire directly back into the middle with no lag , if they sit off centre or lag slightly this is a sign of wear n tear . The LB & RB when pressed you should here a slight click this is the triggers clicking on the 2 tactile switches underneath . On a used and worn controller sometimes you will get one of these that does not work . This is because one or sometimes both tactile switches have been used so much the rubber becomes squashed so you have to ram the button futher down for it to make actual contact with the switch . You can solder new Analogue sticks on as well as other pieces but i would only go down this route if you are confident at soldering and have good hand & eye co-ordination .These are just a few things to look out for when you buy your shiny new controller .  
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