Seller protection or lack of it?.

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I recently sold a mobile phone and ebay insisted on paypal being the only form of payment.

The money was in my paypal account for 3 days so I posted the phone.

On the 4th day paypal told me not to send the phone as the money for it had come from a cloned credit card and then paypal took the money from my account to carry out an investigation.

The buyer promptly left ebay and paypal, the postal address turned out to be a shelter for imigrants, the postman had taken a signature for the phone but not the name of the buyer on the address!!!.

I therefore lost my phone, my money was returned to the ritefull owner of the credit card, and ebay and paypal washed their hands of the matter.

I suggest the following, transfer any money received from your paypal account to your bank account and wait till it has cleared before letting your items go.This may take a bit longer before your buyer receives their goods but you will have been paid for them ( I hope!!!).

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