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These are my experiences of user selective2007.

I purchased a table and chairs from said user on the 15th of Feb, auction stated 14 days for delivery so I waited. I emailed once to ask for an ETA so I could be home for pick up. I got one replay stating "IT STATES 14 DAYS, THIS SHOULD BE READABLE BY YOU" very rude if you ask me!

Item never came so I emailed again, then again, then one last time before trying to get his contact details, the automated ebay system failed 3 times and all the numbers on his details were fake.  I ended up filing the item as not received. Paypal opened a dispute, i left one message explaining the situation, the seller never replied, I left one more message but again no reply so I escalated it to a claim.

I finally managed to get a number that worked so I ranf, was fobbed off for a day or two then managed to speak to someone who informed me that the item was damaged in transit, was returned to base and was being sent out. This was too close to Paypals deadline for them to reply to the claim so I let the claim default to my favour after a total of 36 days. They had all the oportunities in the world to reply, counter the claim or even contact me. I was fully fefunded by Paypal so I called to make sure they werent still going to deliver.

I decided to leave fair and factual feedback so protect other ebay users. "Nothing after 36 days, No replies ever, Paypal had to refund, Buyers Beware"

The seller then replied to my feedback with "Refunded after original damaged! No Replies ? We spoke On The Phone!! IDIOT"


Edit - Updated after I thought this whole thing had blown over - The seller has now reported an unpaid item and I have received a strike!!!!! I refused to accept this of course and appealed with all the evidence from PayPal receipts and am awaiting the outcome. This guy just has it in for me.

1) this seller did not communicate anything usefull ever

2) this seller's power seller status is false, power seller requires more than 98%

3) this seller was ruse and abusive, my feedback was for the ebay community, I feel as though I had a right to warn people, this user did not complete any transaction with me so how can it be fair for him to leave negative feedback when he had my money from day 1 and I had to wait 36 days to get it back for nothing (minus paypal and ebay fees)

4) Added after the strike - Surely claiming unpaid status when Paypal will have full records is unproffesional behaviour and must be in violation of some kind of rule

I have reported his use of language and hope to have it removed. All i can say is if you are going to use this seller look at his feedback before using him. There are a lot of negatives in there.

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